RCDS (NI) Ltd.


Leeds Arena

Leeds Arena will be a multi-purpose facility capable of seating 12,500 people. The varying activities and occupancy levels require a flexible design which can be easily operated to meet the changing requirements of a diverse event schedule.

The arena is located in a city centre location, and will be the focal point on the regeneration of the city quarter.

Part of the development includes a new public space which will form the primary entrance to the arena. The intention is to heighten the customer experience with all seats facing the performance area: Consequently the users will be much closer to the action in the theatre style arena, with the rear seats being approximately 70m from the event focal point. The tighter spatial configuration allows opportunities to control the atmosphere and acoustics of the performance. The intention is to optimise the spectator comfort, convenience, safety and security.

The arena also has 24 hospitality boxes, several restaurants that will operate throughout the week, and a flexible entrance area that can be used as a winter garden. RCDS are working along side Creagh concrete and Fisher steel Approx Value of total Job 55million

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